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Good Manufacturing Practice is nothing more than a set of procedures that are designed to establish safety standards in the production, trade, transport, transhipment and storage of feeds and feed additives.

The GMP+ system was developed 25 years ago in the Netherlands where after more and more increasing number of feed contamination incidents, the demand for enhanced safety levels in the entire feed industry had increased.

It was recognized that the most appropriate way would be to implement appropriate procedures in the enterprises involved in the supply chain, starting with farmers and ending with food trading companies.

At present, all subcontractors and contractors must be subject to GMP+ standards, whether it is the stage of production, transport or storage, or any other.

Despite the fact that the assumption of the system and the common basis for the entire GMP+ standard is maximum product protection, each stage of the chain “from field to table” requires separate regulations and requirements.

Therefore, GMP International has prepared separate documentation that accurately and precisely describes what actions should be taken and what conditions must be met for each of the processes in the standard.

We distinguish documentation as part of process requirements, as for example:

  • GMP + B1 – Production, Trade and Services
  • GMP + B2 – Production of feed ingredients
  • GMP + B3 – Trade, purchase and storage of feed
  • GMP + B4- Transport
  • GMP + B6 – Growing of raw materials for the production of feed materials
  • GMP + B8 – Production and sale of pet food
  • GMP + B10 – Laboratory tests

┬áIncreased company turnover by establishing new business relationships, recognition and trust among contractors from the wide Agro market, and above all the awareness that we are jointly responsible for the safety of our food – these are just a few of the advantages of implementing GMP + procedures in our enterprise.

As a certificated supplier, we can therefore provide the highest quality of service for a product that must strictly meet strict quality standards.

Wioleta Sikorska