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First of all you should think what role will be played by us and what type of services will be offered in commercial transaction connected with trade in feeds and feed additives.

Selection of a suitable standard that covers the operating range of our company is a key issue for our further actions in this direction.

A well carried analysis of our needs and business possibilities will help us choose the most appropriate standard.

The next step will be implementation of suitable rules and procedures in our organization that should be adapted to the GMP+ requirements.

We will define the tasks, work out instructions and designate responsible persons for the coordination of the process and will develop documentation that will be our point of departure for further actions.

Next, an internal audit should be carried out that will allow us to verify whether all processes have been correctly implemented at the implementation stage.

The most important stage in the GMP+ certification is an certification Audit to be performed by an external certification entity approved by the GMP+ International Headquarters in the Netherlands.  Only such an entity is authorized to carry out certification audits.

Positive result of such audit will authorise us to obtain the certificate and our company will be automatically entered on the list of certificated companies that satisfy the highest standards in the safety of feed area.

The Certificate authorizes us to undertake cooperation with entities operating in the feed industry for 3 years. After this period of time, if we want continue to be a part of the supply chain, we must satisfy recertification audit that will give us authorization for another 3 years.

Within each one three-year period, every year we are subjected to additional supervision audits that aim to verify and eliminate any possible variances from the standard.

Only due to certificated service suppliers we are able to ensure safety and the highest quality of service.

Wioleta Sikorska